Parsons Photography of Wenatchee Sucks

Dear Parsons Photography of Wenatchee:

In a world where I can (almost literally) get an 8GB SD card out of a box of Fruit Loops (which would more than handle over 400 RAW format Nikon images at 10 megapixels), I find it appalling that your short-sighted business model would prevent you from taking individual pictures of any and all students regardless if the precious envelope was turned in or not.

ON THE DAY that pictures were taken, I turned in the envelope to your studio—on Mission street. My daughter is in a split family, and sometimes signals get crossed, kids forget envelopes, and believe it or not, parents aren’t able to leave work and grab the envelope off the counter and get it to school on picture day.

I realize that your business is in a HUGE disadvantage in today’s day and age of digital photography. That somehow you still hold iron reigns around school districts, sports teams, etc. I’m not sure how this happens aside from the fact that I’m sure you strong-arm and offer half-ass Photoshop “re-touching” as some sort of benefit into the finished product (by the way, I can color-correct, zit-correct, whiten teeth, tan, and otherwise post-process the SHIT out of photographs, too). For some reason, schools think you are the only shop in town when I can find fourteen-year-old kids that can take the same-quality (if not better) pictures than any member of your antiquated team.

In the future, take the damn picture of all the kids. Keep it around in case the families either forgot to turn in the envelope, found it between couch cushions too late, or simply weren’t aware that pictures were coming (in the event the split family has some sort of communication problem). It costs you literally NOTHING to do this. Instead, you’re giving me a refund of the ENTIRE package after you’ve actually spent REAL money printing it up for me.

I’m not paying for a half-ass job. It was fine when, in 1988, real film was the only way to make it happen; but today, anyone… and I really mean ANYONE has the wherewithal to take a BETTER picture than the “staff” you have working for you today.