Richard Head is My New Fan

I love this guy. He takes the time to visit the site and share his comments. It’s some of the best feedback I’ve had on the site in months. Well, weeks. Well, okay, he’s just kind of a dick head (it’s his name!).

I didn’t want you to miss his comments. I’ve invited Dick to be a permanent commentary on music posted here at I’m sure he’s willing to participate. At least… I hope he is.

Anyway, Dick… in case people miss your reply, here’s my reply to your recent post:

Not at all, Dick. I really enjoyed your comment. Not many people take the time to puruse my site as much as you have. This is some of the most action I’ve received. So, I’m actually trying to keep you here!

I’m not mid 40s. Not yet. But hey, let’s recap your vocabulary again because I love how you’re bringing back all the homophobic jargon, which I find hilarious. We have fag and now twink. I had to look up twink, to be honest.

I want to leave you with some selections you can listen to. Actually, get back to me on this because I’d like for you to contribute to—not just in the comment section, but in a review section. I’d love it!

Here’s Cindy

Here’s Coming Around

Here’s The Seeker

Write back or contact me. I appreiciate you coming back again and again as a budding critic.