Why Flight Simulators will Fail

This is pretty straight forward, so I’ll leave this post short and sweet. In browsing one of my favorite “Flight Simulator” web sites, I actually read this from a poster who was lamenting about which company was going to “take up the mantle” that FSX (groan) left behind.

I’d say it’s more then moderate. Things like cloud shadows, dynamic shadows on everything, lighting affecting terrain, HDR, the autogen no longer popping up (big one for me), better terrain paging, better VAS usage, tessellation, 3D water, etc. are more then just lipstick. Not to mention the major underlying code changes, DX11, and their new way of allowing third parties to interface with the software.

They pretty much took everything FSX was lacking and put it in there as far as visual effects go.

Anyone want to tell me where in that paragraph “simulation of flight” exists? No?
Yup. That’s why Flight Simulators will fail.