Remembering Kochanski

I was lucky enough to receive a scholorship from Wladmir Kochanski back in 1989. I found this snippet from my local paper in 2003. Wanted to share it.

He’ll tickle the ivories and your funny bone

WENATCHEE — Pianist Wladimir Jan Kochanski will return to Wenatchee Monday for a 7:30 p.m. concert in the Wenatchee High School auditorium.

He will perform a program of works by Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Liapounov and others.

In addition to being a pianist, Kochanski is recognized as a storyteller and humorist, treating his audiences to insightful and humorous narration in addition to his music.

“Known for his spontaneity, he says that his main objective is to convince the general public that the works of the great composers belong to everybody,” said Phyllis White, one of the program’s organizers.

“If you help the audience appreciate the music, the music will do the rest,” Kochanski said. “The music then takes hold and transcends the mundane world.”

His first performance here was 10 years ago. Proceeds from that concert were used for two scholarships which are presented each year to graduating piano accompanists at Eastmont and Wenatchee high schools. Recipients have included David Shaw, Mindy Hume, Teresa Farmbrook, Robyn Rogers, Lisa Eskew, Jimmi Tate, Sara Grosclose, Aaron LuBean, Denise Schwind, Tim O’Donnell, Aubry Rogers, Jennifer Shurtz, Telena Vipond and Jason Thornton.

A graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, Kochanski has performed for Pope John Paul II and has been knighted by the Polish government. He has also been a guest on major radio and television stations including “Good Morning America,” “Hour Magazine,” “Voice of America” and “The 700 Club.”

National publications having featured Kochanski include Keyboard Classics, Mother Earth News, Family Weekly and Reader’s Digest. He has released 14 recordings plus a special recording for PianoDisc…