RealAir SIAI Marchetti 260 Paintkit

I’ve been flying flight simulators since I was about 9 or 10 years old. Started with SubLogic Flight Simulator for the Commodore 64 (C64) and never looked back. One of my favorite flight sims, and in my opinion the best one of the bunch, is still FS2004 (aka FS9, FS2004: ACOF, etc.). I know there are others out there, but FS9 feels the best to me.

RealAir SIAI Marchetti SF260

One of my all-time top custom aircrafts that I’ve purchased was RealAir’s SF260. Over the years when I get the urge for some civillian flighing around the virtual globe, this aircraft is my go-to short-range plane.

One day I realized that people were having a lot of difficulty finding the paintkit for this aircraft and I knew that I had it laying around on one of my 200+ DVD software backups. RealAir is now defunct, but I wanted to post my copy of the paintkit for those of you still looking for it.

Realair SIAI-MARCHETTI SF.260 Paintkit