Reduce Heat and Simmer

Still got the proverbial (music) “bun in the oven” happening at Studio Tolwyn. I’m currently on vacation and although I’ve received word that the drum tracks have been baked and are awaiting transfer to my FTP. So, hopefully (perhaps) as…

Tolwyn and Klem at it Again

Tolwyn and Klem, two of the most sought-after MIDI composers for Doom projects back in the 90s are collaborating again on an upcoming album. This time with singing and everything!

New Song Update

Just wanted to post a note that there are some new songs that I’ve done over the past 6 months or so. I think there needs to be more people hit by buses, but I’m just saying. Working For the…

Super-sized, Long-lasting, and Built to Last

This is one of the best videos and remixes I’ve ever seen. Being a long-time George Carlin fan, this is just amazing.

I Remember My Place

Warning: I start many sentances with prepositional phrases. Sorry about that. I’ve been pretty blessed musically in my life. From the 80s, I was a camp counselor at the Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp and was told that I changed the…

Life Gave Me Lemonade…

Chris Rice is one of my favorite artists. Lemonade is one of my favorite songs that he’s done, and I had an opportunity to sing this song. This is the result. I hope you enjoy. Lemonade (Tolwyn and Chris Rice)


I wanted to give my best shot at singing this song. I enjoy Owl City, but his over-use of pitch correction kinda grates on me. So, here it is with all my own imperfections! Fireflies (Tolwyn and Owl City)

They Call Me the Seeker

This is for my buddy Mark Klem who wanted more Rush covers. I can’t remember exactly when I did this, but I noticed I had yet to make a post for it. So Mark, here ya go.

Rush Set to Tour Again

Rush Set to Tour Again

And a big congratulations to the members of my favorite band, Rush,  for being inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Rush is touring! This tour will be the first time they play Moving Pictures in its entirety, which…

Dire Lack Of Genius

A long time ago, I did some parodies of the Anheuser-Busch commercial series, “Real Men of Genius.” These were done for a couple of sites surrounding either topical information on video games, or a specific video game. You can now…