Coming Around

Coming around is a great song by Brad Sucks. I just had an opportunity to put some vocals to it. Coming Around

Flattery Times One Hundred

JD Herrera, a young man from Italy, has been covering some songs from Memento Mori II from Doom2. One of them is And Blood Will Spill by yours truly. I did this back in 1997. It’s humbling and exciting to…

So Then You Just Kissed Me

[audio:|text=0x000000|bg=0xf8f8ec|bgcolor=0xF8F8EC|leftbg=0xBFBC94|rightbg=0xBFBC94|lefticon=0x908B62|righticon=0x908B62|slider=0xB4DD59] Probably one of my most-requested songs, it’s Cindy from Tammany Hall. These guys kick ass.

Back When I Was Cool

Some of you may not know this, but I used to write music for the most popular game of all time, Doom. Doom was the crucible in the evolution of PC games. I occasionally, because I’m totally vain, Google myself…

My Uncle has a country place…

Wanted to post my cover of Red Barchetta from Rush before I simply get too old to sing it. Enjoy! [audio:|text=0x000000|bg=0xf8f8ec|bgcolor=0xF8F8EC|leftbg=0xBFBC94|rightbg=0xBFBC94|lefticon=0x908B62|righticon=0x908B62|slider=0xB4DD59]

You Run Away

Great new song by the Barenaked Ladies.

Take On Me

Recently, I went to my Highschool’s 20-year reunion. One of the song present there was Aha’s Take On Me, which I just had to do in the studio. Enjoy!