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Tolwyn-Klem begin collaborating again on new music.

It’s been precisely 10 years since PCGS has had such an audience with a regional radio station. This interview took place exactly ten years ago. Please enjoy the wonderfulness of how local area network gaming used to play such a…

Happy 10th Birthday, Sweetheart!

Happy Birthday, love-bug. You’re awesome.

Opinions on WEBM

My daughter is almost 10 years old. She’s downstairs right now making her lunch for tomorrow. This is a full-contact sport as she continually wants me to participate. I don’t mind this interaction, but by its very nature it’s something…

A father stands upon an old, wooden dock on an ice-cold lake. On the shore sits his baby daughter; her back to him. There is a fire there, keeping her warm. After a time, he sees that the fire is…

id Software literally changed my life when I got out of college and likely has led me to where I am today. Thanks, guys. They have a 30 minute video that you just have to watch.

Tolwyn and Klem begin working together again after several years of no projects together. The first two songs are Tell Me and Adventure.

Tolwyn laments about the impossibility of pleasing his wife.

Tolwyn laments about the problem of being able to discuss love, feelings, and the disparity between the interpretation of such things between two people in a relationship.