Tolwyn’s Midi Page (from Doomworld)

Sometime in early 2017 Doomworld updated their site and my MIDI page was one of the casualties. Here is the MIDI page from that site for your convenience. All of the MIDI files are available in one zip file.

Team TNT *

Team TNT Fanfare
Team TNT Fanfare 2
Crieth Unto Me
Ragnarok Theme
Icarus Theme**
(extended version)
Heart of the Hive
Ghost in the Machine
Member’s Page Theme
The Search
Final Doom Theme
Interlude Piece
* These selections are the assigned property of Team TNT who respectfully owns the rights to their use; therefore, these selections are not to be used or redistributed without the express written permission of Team TNT (existing exceptions notwithstanding).

** The motif used in the Icarus Theme was developed by MusIcarus, the music team for the Icarus project. This is an arrangement of that theme.

Memento Mori II

Before The Storm
Perchance to Dream
Into The Fray
Peaceful Altercation
Unsteady Ground
Backroad Wanderer
System Shock
The Maw Awaits
Outstretch of Sin
Fear’s Falter
And Blood Will Spill
Anger’s Reprise
Circle of Fire
Mizshunn Impassable

Alpha Dog
Aliance’s STRAIN

Thin Ice
Continue On
Scent of Hell
In The Heart of Darkness
Nervous Tick
The Hell “Prince” Medley
— Melody by Robert “Bobby” Prince
Inner Turmoil
Adrenaline Rush


Baracus Returns
The Rhythm of Carnage
Breath of Sin
Mystic’s Glance
Jacob’s Staircase
The Helix
Hunter’s Lair
Lamneth’s Ground

GOTHIC DM (1 and 2)

Abdul Gotekum-swahloe
The Rune of Evermore
Ziztax Feyebrosis
Random Particles
Where Silence Has Lease
Tempissed Phlux
The Stillness is Near
And So I carry on…