IL2 Reference

Ship Rate of Fire (ROF)

First the term ‘Rate Of Fire’ is really incorrect and it should be “Reload Rate” as that is really what it means.

The Reload time setting is obviously the time it takes to reload the guns. 1.0 is the historical full rate of fire. So far over at the UBI Forums those that are in the know say that 5.0 is 1/2 historical while others say that no 2.0 is 1/2. Of course 99 will basically give one salvo and that is it. I have been reading thru the forums and this is what I have gleaned. Simply put it is a multiplier of the reload time for the guns. Does that mean you will get only 1/2 the AAA from a ship as normal when set to 2.0 or 1/10th the fire when set to 10? No! It is dependent upon the ships weapons configuration.

Let’s say you have a 40mm Gun and it’s reload rate is 5 sec in real life. It is probably even less than that- if you have watched historical footage you can see those guys feeding in ‘clips’ of rounds one right after the other. But for our argument sake it let’s say it is 5 sec. And let’s assume that the fire rate is 60 rounds per minute (I don’t know the historical rate just using this as an example) and a clip holds 10 rounds. The ROF is then a function of fire rate and reload time. So if a ship is firing for a 5 minute period:

ROF 1.0: 10 rounds @ 60/min = 10 sec per clip + 5 sec reload = 40 rounds fired per minute or 200 rounds in 5 min

ROF 2.0: 10 rounds @ 60/min = 10 sec per clip + 10 sec reload = 30 rounds fired per minute or 150 rounds in 5 min

So in this example a change the ROF from 1.0 to 2.0 would result in a overall Rate of Fire that is 75% (reduced by 25%).

ROF 5.0: 10 rounds @ 60/min = 10 sec per clip + 25 sec reload = 17 rounds fired per minute or 85 rounds in 5 min or 42.5% of the original ROF.

Now considering the different array of guns on the various ships the rate of fire for each ship will be different and changing the ROF number will have a different effect for each different type of vessel. This means that a change in the ROF of the DD Ward and the DD Fletcher will have a different effect.

If you want to make quick adjustments to the mission file (*.mis) without using the FMB note the highlighted value. This is where the ROF is set:

0_Chief Ships.USSYorktownCV5_42 1 0 1 5.0