Master List of IL2 Sturmovik Suggestions from 2002 On.

Here’s the updated all-inclusive Wish List.
You can ignore the (Repost) one. Sorry for bumping it before finding my more up-to-date one.

New additions / suggestions:

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KneeBoard Options
mapflags nnnnn
Where “nnnnn” is a summation of options:

show_playeraircraft 2
show_redarmy 4
show_bluearmy 8
show_greenarmy 16
show_yellowarmy 32
show_(etc) 64, 128, 512, 1024, 2048
show_wapoints 4096
show_path 8192
show_objectives 16384
show_redfront 32768
show_bluefront 65536
show_greenfront 131072
show_yellowfront 262144
show_(etc)front 524288, etc.

Add the options you want to enable, the value is entered at the console with the “mapflags” option.
All these are very “granular” and can have some preset defaults per general “difficulty settings.”

KneeBoard Display Options
map_size_2xscale 0|1 (0 Default, 1 is 2x size)
map_opacity (0 … 1) Any value from 0 to 1. 0=Map transparent, 1=Fully Opaque

KneeBoard New Commands
Able to assign keys to:

map_ToggleZoom (current behavior)

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eyeline_adjust_zaxis, eyeline_adjust_xaxis, eyeline_adjust_yaxis

eyeline_adjust_zaxis -2 to +2 (decimals valid, default 0)
eyeline_adjust_xaxis -2 to +2 (decimals valid, default 0, negative numbers port, positive numbers starboard)
eyeline_adjust_yaxis -2 to +2 (decimals valid, default 0, negative numbers toward back of plane, positive numbers to front of plane)

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pure_server (1/0)

pure_server is a server-side variable that forces all clients to use default skins. Selecting a custom skin has no affect as the default skin will always show up. This prevents re-naming valid skins in favor of an “all yellow” skin (remember Quake days?). This setting is most useful for VEF and competition use.

allow_skin_download is a server-side and client-side variable. If server uses it, clients can still use custom skins on their own craft, but that skin is not transferred to the server and then to other clients. This is a bandwidth-saving measure. If the skin is already on the client machine, then the custom skin is shown/displayed; however, no skins are transferred. This is slightly different than pure_server, and pure_server forces a condition, allow_skin_download simply checks to see if the skin is already on the client machine and then does not send it. If clients have this turned off (to disallow), then they are skipped in the polling process and they will not receive custom skins from any players at all.

track_chat 1/0
Chat bar not recorded in NTRK files (client configurable)

track_voice 1/0
Internal FB Voice Comms not recorded in NTRK files (client configurable)

show_pingbar 1/0
Display or Hides the connection quality bar (client configurable and includes NTRK files as well).

Make “Toggle Wing Tip Smoke” work during Track playback. Also, this toggles smoke for the currently selected aircraft in focus, regardless if it’s the player planes (client), or other player or AI planes.

Main Body of Post:

Flags are used to tell the game a whole set of options by entering a value from the summation of a set of options. If you understand that, then let me try to convince you of a great idea (of course, this is my opinion):

Assign values to the commands above. Warning, this gets slightly technical. Adding the value of an option enables it, not adding the value to the “view_flags” obviously, does not enable it.
The definitions of the flags are below the entire dialog. An example of this in action is to review id Software’s approach for setting coop and deathmatch flags in their games. One setting at the console quickly and easily sets a bunch of options that do not have to be typed manually or included in a script file.

; start new config file options

padlock_distance_limit nnnn

where nnnn is the value in meters. Minimum distance available, 50, maximum current game default

; start view_flags options
; — — —
screenshot_limit (value of 2)
encrypt_missions (value of 4)
pilot_black (value of 8)
ext_allow_dead (value of 16)
ext_friendly_only (value of 32)
ext_allow_flyby (value of 64)
ext_allow_chase (value of 128)
ext_padlock_friendly (value of 256)
ext_padlock_enemy (value of 512)
ext_padlock_air (value of 1024)
ext_padlock_ground_enemy (value of 2048)
ext_padlock_ground_friendly (value of 4096)
ext_allow_static (value of 8192)
allow_padlock (value of 16384)
show_ping_graph (value of 32768)
show_chat_window (value of 65536)
realistic_view_restrictions (value of 131072)
allow_wingtipsmoke (value of 262144)

etc. etc. etc. (meaning you could add all the options such as cockpit always on, etc. etc.). This makes console commands for the dedicated server much easier, and then the flag summations can easily be used by Hyperlobby to report ACCURATE server information.

At the console, or in a “server.ini” file or whatever, you’d have (among whatever other options):

view_flags ‘nnnn’

where ‘nnnn’ is any of the options above that you want to enable, add the number(s).


view_flags 74544

Enables several options above, but at the same time, disables other options.

Definition examples (when enabled):

Enables the code to mitigate risk of induced lag by taking more than 1 screenshot per 5 seconds.

If value is added to the view_flags, then missions are encrypted to clients. If disabled (DEFAULT), missions are transferred as plain text.

Screen does not go black during pilot kill

Externals are always allowed for dead players, regardless of external view option.

When externals are allowed server-side, this flag only allows external chase view of other friendly objects (via the cycle view commands). This flag would have to address the ability (and subsequent INABILITY) for external padlock of friendly aircraft.

Allows flyby view, regardless of other external view options.

Allows chase view, regardless of other external view options (great for taxiing).

Allows external padlock of friendly air objects.

Allows external padlock of enemy air objects.

Allows external padlock of friendly ground objects.

Allows external padlock of enemy ground objects.

Allows static camera view, regardless of external view option.

Allows FB Padlock system to be enabled.

Works like Janes F/A 18 in the sense that you can view your “six o’clock” directly (relates to the TrackIR issue/feature). I use the term “realistic” carefully as the jury will never come to an agreement.

Server-side variable that disallows the use of wingtip smoke. This option may be that clients can still see their own smoke, but other clients can’t.

For interface changes, it would be great to add the following features for text management.

Create a [Texts] area in the conf.ini file:

where: #nnnnnn is the HEX number of color (e.g. #ff00ff)
where: .0 – 1.0 is the OPACITY amount, 1 fully opaque, 0 fully transparent

For text size, use points (e.g. in Windows, 10pt)

Subtitle.text #nnnnnn .5
Subtitle.size 10
Subtitle.text.font ‘Trebuchet MS’
Chat.font ‘arial’
Chat.size 10
Chat.bgcolor #nnnnnn .5
Allied_Chat.text #nnnnnn .5
Axis_Chat.text #nnnnnn .5
Other_Chat.text #nnnnnn .5
Quickbar.font ‘tahoma’
Quickbar.size 8
Quickbar.text #nnnnnn .2
Infotext.font ‘arial’
Infotext.size 10
Infotext.text #nnnnnn .5
Inflightmap.opacity .5