Random Sample Hold The One You Need

I got around to completing another Rush cover, from their Moving Pictures album.  

Who’s Gonna Drive You Home?

I was asked to do this song a long time ago, and I worked on the music then but then dropped it. Then not too long ago, I was asked to follow through and finish the song. Well, I thought…

You Make It Easy

Had some time today to re-master and re-record . I’m counting down the days to the 4th row tickets at Key Arena to see Rush. I can’t wait. On an aside, I have my voter’s pamphlet in my car and…

Richard Head is My New Fan

Richard Head, the Official Tolwyn.com Super Critic, lends his ears to a selection of Tolwyn.com songs. What will he say?

Glitter for Alexis

My daughter really likes Pink. And since I have a recording studio, she has expressed an interest in singing a particular song. The problem is, when dad plays piano, she doesn’t think it’s “cool.” So, I’m going to do it…

Tolwyn's Roland D-50 Synthesizer For Sale

Tolwyn’s Roland D-50 Synthesizer For Sale

I got this keyboard in 1987. It is in like-new condition and in all my research on eBay, Sweetwater, and elsewhere (considering the condition it’s in) it is worth it’s weight in gold (well, you know). Read about the Roland…

Tolwyn-Klem on Facebook

Tolwyn-Klem on Facebook

Tolwyn-Klem begin collaborating again on new music.

Tell Me about your Adventure, Klem…

Tolwyn and Klem begin working together again after several years of no projects together. The first two songs are Tell Me and Adventure.

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