Patching IL2 to 4.14.1

Many of us are flying multiple installations of IL2. Some of us are flying one installation and using JSGME to activate HSFX, some of us have multiple installations of the game (4.13.4, HSFX, etc.).

4.14.1 is a different beast. This actually requires a stand-alone installation of 4.13.4 to patch from. They changed their patch distribution technology from the WinRAR’s SFX format to something a little sinister and takes the control out of your hands (unfortunately).

So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make a copy of a working 4.13.4 installation to a new location and name it differently (fb_4141 for example). STOP. You’re done. Download the 4.14.1 full patch from Mission4Today and apply to this new location.
  • If you only have an HSFX installation or a 4.12.x installation, go ahead an make a copy (as above) and download this file:
    Tolwyn’s Master 4.13.4 IL2 Patch to get you to 4.13.4. You should disable HSFX if possible.
  • If you have any other version or if you need to repair an installation, you can download a larger master repair patch here:
    4134_tolwynized-mega.exe and follow the instructions in the patch.
  • Download Mission4Today’s 4.14.1 full patch and apply (link is in the download link above) or click here. Be sure to POINT the patch to the NEW (correct) copy of your working 4.13.4m installation!