Requiem Reimagined Soundtrack Released

It’s been just over 530 days since I reached out to Jeremy Doyle and Mark Klem on re-recording and producing the soundtrack to Requiem originally released nearly 21 years ago. We’re finally done and you can read about the project and download the 2+ hour soundtrack.

Requiem is a 32-level “megawad” released back in 1997 for the popular id Software game “Doom2.” And Mark Klem, Jeremy Doyle, and myself wrote the soundtrack for this project (and several others back then). Along with Klem and Doyle, we also enlisted the guitar prowess of JD Herrera, an accomplished musician himself.

I have enjoyed over thirty years of (mostly home) studio recording experience and am always applying what I learn about mixing and mastering across each project. I am very proud of the direction I have taken with these songs. There are many, many different versions hidden away on my computer throughout this sonic adventure. This just confirms the adage that compositions are never truly finished, they just happen to escape.

The odd thing is, over the last few years Doom, Doom2, and equally popular games such as Quake have made an interesting “come back” of sorts in on-line circles. Kids (young adults?) that weren’t even born yet when I wrote some of these songs are now doing their own music and creating their own levels for both Doom and Quake. I’m amazed, but equally satisfied as these two games have come along with me on every computer I’ve ever owned… because they are damn good games.

I hope people download and give the soundtrack a listen. I know it’s just “gaming music” but it was “of that time” in the history of PC gaming and, more importantly, end-user content creation. Enjoy!