RealAir SIAI Marchetti 260 Paintkit

RealAir SIAI Marchetti SF260 Paintkit

Remembering Kochanski

I was lucky enough to receive a scholorship from Wladmir Kochanski back in 1989. I found this snippet from my local paper in 2003. Wanted to share it. He’ll tickle the ivories and your funny bone WENATCHEE — Pianist Wladimir…

Demystifying IL2 Icons

For my IL2 Sturmovik friends, I’ve written an article that discusses how to use and customize the HUD Icons in IL2 Sturmovik (IL2 1946).

Why Flight Simulators will Fail

This is pretty straight forward, so I’ll leave this post short and sweet. In browsing one of my favorite “Flight Simulator” web sites, I actually read this from a poster who was lamenting about which company was going to “take…

Who’s Gonna Drive You Home?

I was asked to do this song a long time ago, and I worked on the music then but then dropped it. Then not too long ago, I was asked to follow through and finish the song. Well, I thought…

Richard Head is My New Fan

Richard Head, the Official Super Critic, lends his ears to a selection of songs. What will he say?